Crotley Mue

So, I wrote this last week at some point but never got around to posting it. It is an unfinished thought, but I still wanted to post it:


On Monday night I went to a Motley Crue concert with my cousin. They played at a place called Zepp Tokyo, which is in Odaiba. I am a Motley Crue fan, but I’d never seen them before. However, I felt like I got lucky because on this tour they were playing fan favorites. I believe that was some promotional part of the tour: have the fans pick the songs, and they came up with specific set-lists for their shows. I was wondering how my cousin aldready knew what songs they were gonna play. He’d told me the set list about a week before the show. At first, I thought that this was something peculiarly Japanese: like bands that play in Japan are required to post their set lists weeks in advance. I thought it was strange, but I wouldn’t of been surprised.

So yeah, they didn’t stray from the set list. They played Livewire from Too Fast For Love. I can’t remember, but I think they also played Ten Seconds to Love. They played Shout at the Devil, Too Young to Fall in Love, and Looks that Kill from Shout at the Devil. They played Home Sweet Home and Smoking in the Boys Room, from Theater of Pain. Girls, Girls, Girls and Wildside from Girls, Girls, Girls.  Dr. Feelgood, Don’t Go Away Mad, and Kickstart My Heart, from Dr. Feelgood. And a few others that I didn’t know, I think a few new songs.

And you know, they were really good. Vince Neil was still able to hit the notes. I was surprised. Usually these heavy metal bands need to play their songs in different keys in order for the singer to be able to sing them. During Tommy Lee’s solo part of the show, his drumset was hooked up to this ferris-wheel looking thing. Like a circular roller-coaster that keeps building up momentum, like a swinging pendelum. He played drums while strapped in to his drumset that went from side to side until he was suspended upside down, all the while still playing them. He then asked an audience member to get strapped into the drumset with him, and then they went round and round.


I was gonna continue the thread, but you know — it happened more than a week ago. A girl that was dressed like a young Motley Crue groupie noticed my tattoos and asked me if I wanted some drugs. I had to have my cousin translate that one, which was pretty funny. He told her we didn’t need any and she walked away.  Afterwards, he said, “Did you…did you want some drugs?” just because he didn’t want to make decisions on my behalf. He was being polite.

Anyhow, maybe another day I will talk more about that concert experience. This saturday though, I’m going to yet another concert with my cousin. It’s called “Loud Park” and has the strangest set of acts I’ve seen on a bill. It’s a heavy metal festival, with Whitesnake and Limp Bizkit as the headliners. There’s also some heavy metal supergroup from America that is playing, called “Anime Metal,” who basically dress up like their favorite Anime characters or something and play movie-themed metal songs. The band that I’m actually looking forward to seeing is The Darkness. Another band called Arch Enemy is also really good; they have a female vocalist, but you’d probably never know by just listening since she’s a death metal vocalist.

I was planning on writing more, but I everytime I get on the computer I end up getting distracted by chat and Skype, so this will have to do. I actually was gonna mention how exhausted I am. In some ways, I haven’t been able to really fully relax. It’s starting to catch up with me a bit now. I haven’t had any time to write in the last week, really. Anyhow, can’t think of much else to say. It’s kind of strange that I’m even posting such an incoherent jumble, but I just wanted to be consistent about posting. I’ll try to at least do one a week. When I get my mind back, I’ll surely have a bit more to talk about. Now, sleep.



2 responses to “Crotley Mue

  1. Dammit! I wanted some drugs!
    They did “Too Fast For Love,” “Too Young To Fall In Love,” “Looks That Love,” “Love Sweet Love,” “Lovin’ In The Boys’ Room,” “Love Love Love,” “Dr. Lovegood…”

    You’ll be pleased to note that we’ll be hosting (Dr.) Vince Neil at Spirit Mtn. on the fifth o’ Novembah. Remembah!

    • What, a solo performance by Professor Neil? The rest of the crue will not be there?

      They also performed “Love-Start My Heart,” “Don’t Love Away Mad (Just Love Away),”Primal Love,”LoveWire,”Same Ol’ Love,” etc…

      Yeah, the concert was really fun. My cousin Toshia has seen Motley Crue five times or so: some of which were in the early eighties and shit. He’s a real Motley Crue fan. Along with the hundreds of other old-schoolers there at the concert. It was totally just like an American concert: women and men re-living the glory years of the hair-metal decade, wishing it were still around. It was great though. Got a tee-shirt and everything. Maybe I can bring in a trend (or maybe it’s already happening) of wearing county-fair circuit or casino circuit band tee shirts. Probably not though.

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