So that’s a Japanese McDonald’s. However, no one will know what the fuck you’re talking about if you say “McDonald’s.” Here’s how you say it based on each syllabic-symbol on the sign (called Katakana): Ma-Ku-Do-Na-Ru-Do, Ha-N-Baaa-Gaaa. McDonald’s Hamburger. I passed this one while walking around in the area where my soon-to-be school, Waseda University, is located.

So this is the dude who founded the University, Okuma Shigenobu. Don’t know much about him yet, but will probably find out soon enough. Here’s another picture of him:

He never smiles. I have yet to see a picture where he is not actually frowning. He’s deeply upset about the University, I don’t know.

Today was a walking day. I started out from the host family’s house, took the train into Shinjuku, walked around Waseda campus, then walked from the campus into an area called Shibuya, which was a pretty long walk. It’s mostly because I don’t yet have my walking feet. They were feeling pretty fucking raw by the time I returned to the train station. It’s still very hot and humid, so I developed a bit of swamp butt. Basically, I got a little bit of a rash from some salty crack, if you know what I’m saying…and I think you do.

It was amazing to see people cycling around in the city at temperatures like that. It was almost pass-out weather, and guys and girls were just cycling around at high speeds, all over the roads, with their shiny, expensive-ass bikes that they just lean up against the wall while they go into a restaurant or a coffee shop. Completely unattended Look, and Fuji, and Bianchi bikes, along with dozens of other brands.

On my way to Shibuya, I passed by a pretty well known department store. I guess I don’t have much to report here, just a picture:

Well, now that I upload it I see that it’s sort of pointless. Well, hey, Takashimaya: look it up. I haven’t.

Funny shirts part two? Some very old guy had a shirt on that read: “Assholes United.” Which I thought was pretty funny. The back of another guy’s shirt said something like: “49% motherfucker, 51% son of a bitch.” Yesterday, when my host mother was serving me dinner, I noticed her Eminem shirt. Probably from another study abroad student, since this family has hosted for a while now.

More blogging to come, of course.



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