So, that was annoying.

Just spent the last thirty minutes writing a blog post, only for it to be wiped out when I accidentally pushed the wrong button, or something. I was already mentioning how tired I was, but now I’m really fucking tired and can’t repeat it. I’m here in Tokyo, been here for a couple of days, but it feels like one long day. I should post something tomorrow or the next day, where I’ll explain the last few interesting days. Till then


4 responses to “So, that was annoying.

  1. Glad you made it there alive. I miss you even though I never saw you. House feels empty. Thanks for the food, netflix returned, after I watched it! Vietnam, what a hoax! I will be watching you with stalking eyes…not really. I know you are going to have the time of your life there and can’t wait to read the accounts of you adventure.

  2. Hey Michael,
    glad you could comment. Once I recover from all this jet-lag and stuff, I’ll start writing more on this blog. right now, it’s been a whirlwind, and very confusing. Maybe by tomorrow or the next day I’ll have a real blog post with a few pictures so that you can get a sense of what has been happening in my world.

  3. Hope you get over the jet lag quickly, Mr. Pocky. Looking forward to the pictures. Mr. Bachelor and I still haven’t figured out the Skype (or tried to), but we’ll keep you posted. Get some rest!

  4. I bet that mystery meat cone was al pastor. Or maybe it actually was souvlaki or whatever. As we all know, every cheap restaurant is ostensibly a Greek restaurant.

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